Country. Full of life, colors, light, fragrance and movement. We know it very well, it touches us every day and we are part of it. We need sunny places, full of life and colorful fragrant flowers. We see these places as a source of energy, a good mood and a taste for life.


           When everything so beautiful and colorful is covered by fog, the landscape changes its face and shape. At that moment, we get the chance to explore it through a veil that let as see less colors and light. The fog changes the landscape to a magical and mystical place. Covers it with silence, peace and mystery. In us, it calls up a nostalgia and it forces us to stop and think. The fog allows us to develop our imagination and fantasy.


           Precisely these feelings the landscape gives me when I can picture it through the filter of mist and to capture the moments of silence and magic. I believe that my photographs will take you for a moment to the mystical landscape where time has stopped. Imagine standing in this country. Breathe the fog in and let the nostalgia to take you away for a moment.

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